Cubes All The Way Down @ IGS (GDC)

This again?!

I re-did my slides and my talk at the Independent Games Summit of the GDC 2012. It grew from a measly 42 slides to a healthy 62, so there is more content, many more videos, and incorporates some of the feedback I had about the MIGS version.
Update : it’s on the GDC Vault, (no membership required!) if you want to see me give the presentation.

Without further ado, here are the slides in different formats :

It’s Cubes All The Way Down (PDF format)(PDF with Notes)(PPTX format)

And you can download the associated Videos and songs (179Mb!)

13 thoughts on “Cubes All The Way Down @ IGS (GDC)”

  1. Thank you for sharing all the hard work you’ve done!
    PS: music is ace too! :)

    Cheers and best luck for you, FEZ and polytron!

  2. I can’t help but feeling impressed. clearly you put a lot of work into what you’ve done. it also makes me smile that you mentioned your discussions with phil about what features can be included and those that can’t. remind me of hours spent discussing with our PM about customer requirements.

    TV3D, heh. worst 150 euros I spent in my life, and I’m including that one time I stopped at a blackjack table in Wien without even knowing what I was doing, lololol.

    1. Thanks Raine :)
      I don’t know about wasted time (or money) re: TV3D though. It got me started to “serious” 3D programming, without it I probably wouldn’t have been ready to take onto something like FEZ when the opportunity arose. But it does suck for people that got involved in big TV3D projects and are stuck in its stale codebase. :/

  3. Downloading right now :)

    I’ve been playing FEZ today (just bought it) and it’s great. I had some glitches and some translation errors (in spanish), but that wasn’t enough to do any scratch to this game, it’s just great. Amazing work, and try to rest a little bit now!

    1. Translation mistakes in spanish : first I hear about that! If you want to send me what you found, I can get it fixed in the upcoming patch. That would be greatly appreciated.
      And thanks :)

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