Here’s a list of all published and in-progress games I’ve worked on.

Miss Direction Academia (SquareJam 2018) unreleased

Digdown (TrainJam 2018)

Mister Signman (SquareJam 2017) unreleased

Space Hunter Hunt (SquareJam 2016) unreleased

Cooldog Teaches Typing (with the Cooldogs)


BELOW (with Capy)


I Know This (with Gavin McCarthy)


Carfuffle (CapyJam 4) unreleased


Malisse (with Les Collégiennes)


Pyramidwarf (with Samuel Boucher)


Synchroma – And So Begins Your Penance (CapyJam 3) unreleased


Ajna – The Seer and the Worm (with Les Collégiennes) unreleased


Waiting For Horus (with Les Collégiennes)

Pico Battle (with Les Collégiennes)

Diluvium (with Les Collégiennes)

FEZ (with Polytron)

VOLKENESSEN (with Les Collégiennes)

RAIN+BOW (with Les Collégiennes)

Pico³ (with Les Collégiennes)

The Cloud is a Lie (with Les Collégiennes)

Tea-Time Quarrel (with No Fun)

Pax Britannica (with No Fun)

Stimergy (with Heather Kelley)

Super Hypercube (with Polytron & Kokoromi)

Trouble in Euclidea

8 thoughts on “Games”

  1. Hey Zak :-)
    You’ve written a lot… but not for some time.
    Everything going well, i hope?
    I’m still at the boat sim. Lots of work.
    Let’s stay in tough somehow!
    Regards / Tomas aka Waterman

    1. Hey! :)
      Looks like things have gotten more serious with the simulator… cool to see! Still using TV3D?
      Yeah I gotta start writing more often again. FEZ is at a close and things are really hectic…

  2. HI Renaud (aka Zak) :)
    Been a long time, I just stumbled across your blog today while looking up blurring shadow maps.
    Don’t know if you remember me or not from TV3D days (phether) we worked on a contract together for a bit using the 6.5 beta.
    (and I remember Waterman a bit from the forums as well…)

    I’m doing a lot of work wtih XNA 4 now, though I really wish they would update to support shaders 4/5….. I keep hitting the instruction limit in mine…grr..

    good to see your still busy :)

    cheers mate (from good ole’ BC )

  3. Greetings,

    Saw the “Indie Game” movie, nice piece of work.. Realy liked youre FEZ game.. Want to start with programming but no clue how :-) i have installed xna.. Do ya have some info on how to start or some tuts/code maybe.. Keep up the great work and i’m following youre blog for sure from now on..

    Thx in Advance..


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