To-Do List

Here’s a to-do list of shaders I’d like to give a shot… at least in the following year. So by the size of this timeframe you can guess the list is pretty lengthy. :P

Hit the jump for the full list…

  • Environment-based lighting – diffuse/ambient/specular convolution using spherical harmonics
  • Offline ambient occlusion (into vertex color channel)DONE!
  • Heatwaves
  • Anisotropic lighting/hair rendering
  • Interactive water using normal-map/parallax-map splatting, or dynamic FFT texture generation
  • True-ish HDR – tone-mapping, exponents/factors in high-pass alpha channel, floating-point textures
  • Per-object shadow maps (orthogonally constrained)
  • Percentage-closer soft shadow maps
  • Depth-tested, depth-scaled soft stencil shadows
  • Radial blur, radial bloom
  • Real transparent shadow mapsPretty much done…
  • Depth peeling

And uh… that’s it for now.

I won’t go in details for each item, but google and you’ll see what it’s about. They’re pretty “industry-standard” terms.

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