Bloom.rar [10mb] – C# 2.0 (VS.NET 2005)


After seeing a couple of people using nVidia’s Bloom shader and be dissatisfied with its looks and perfomance, and more importantly because my employer asked me to do it, I made a Bloom shader from scratch.
It is highly customizable, supports FSAA and supports Pixel Shaders 2.0 up to 3.0.


  • Made With Love : Uses the gaussian blur shader I have worked on for Variance Shadow Maps, which was made from scratch and über-optimized already
  • Sampling Modes : 5×5, 7×7 and 9×9 are available for the gaussian blur
  • Bloom Steps : A number of “Bloom Steps” can be chosen, those are actually downsampled versions of the main buffer which are used to produce a smoother blur
  • Realtime Customizability : The bloom’s intensity (factor), size (width) and more can be parameterized while the app is running
  • Customizable High-Pass : The “High-Pass” shader, which separates highlights from normal colors, is customizable as well and uses a desaturation algorithm to avoid an over-saturated bloom
  • Soft-Focus Capable : The “Scene Intensity” parameter of the bloom combination shader can give a soft-focus feel to the scene


4 thoughts on “Bloom”

  1. That’s really cool! I’m new in this tv3d programming, and looking at your example really motivated me.
    Studying it right now :)

  2. hi! I’m from Brazil
    My English is not so perfect, the more you talk to. ha ha!
    I’m entering the world of truevision3d and I am enjoying very much, I am programmer since my 14 years.
    you are 10! I’m learning a lot Thanks

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