Here’s a list of all published and in-progress games I’ve worked on.

Cooldog Teaches Typing (with the Cooldogs)


Below (with Capy) *unreleased*


I Know This (with Gavin McCarthy)


Carfuffle (CapyJam 4) *unreleased*


Malisse (with Les Collégiennes)


Pyramidwarf (with Samuel Boucher)


Synchroma – And So Begins Your Penance (CapyJam 3) *unreleased*


Ajna – The Seer and the Worm (with Les Collégiennes) *unreleased*


Waiting For Horus (with Les Collégiennes) *beta*

Pico Battle (with Les Collégiennes)

Diluvium (with Les Collégiennes)

FEZ (with Polytron)

VOLKENESSEN (with Les Collégiennes)

RAIN+BOW (with Les Collégiennes)

Pico³ (with Les Collégiennes)

The Cloud is a Lie (with Les Collégiennes)

Tea-Time Quarrel (with No Fun)

Pax Britannica (with No Fun)

Stimergy (with Heather Kelley)

Super Hypercube (with Polytron & Kokoromi)

Trouble in Euclidea

8 thoughts on “Games”

  1. Hey Zak :-)
    You’ve written a lot… but not for some time.
    Everything going well, i hope?
    I’m still at the boat sim. Lots of work.
    Let’s stay in tough somehow!
    Regards / Tomas aka Waterman

    1. Hey! :)
      Looks like things have gotten more serious with the simulator… cool to see! Still using TV3D?
      Yeah I gotta start writing more often again. FEZ is at a close and things are really hectic…

  2. HI Renaud (aka Zak) :)
    Been a long time, I just stumbled across your blog today while looking up blurring shadow maps.
    Don’t know if you remember me or not from TV3D days (phether) we worked on a contract together for a bit using the 6.5 beta.
    (and I remember Waterman a bit from the forums as well…)

    I’m doing a lot of work wtih XNA 4 now, though I really wish they would update to support shaders 4/5….. I keep hitting the instruction limit in mine…grr..

    good to see your still busy :)

    cheers mate (from good ole’ BC )

  3. Greetings,

    Saw the “Indie Game” movie, nice piece of work.. Realy liked youre FEZ game.. Want to start with programming but no clue how :-) i have installed xna.. Do ya have some info on how to start or some tuts/code maybe.. Keep up the great work and i’m following youre blog for sure from now on..

    Thx in Advance..


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