Double-Sided Bumped Refraction


Both downloads are Visual Basic.NET 2005 projects.

Refraction.rar [408Kb] – Simpler first version
Refraction_v2.rar [665Kb] – Second version, now with backface rendering (double-sided refraction) and more test models


A specular-capable, normal-mapped, double-sided refraction shader that can be applied to pretty much any TVMesh, originally asked by forum user WEst.


  • Uses a single rendersurface for the environment projection, as opposed to a cubemap (which would be slower to render)
  • The second version uses a second rendersurface to get backface bumped normals, and renders the refraction of rays going out of the model for added realism
  • The second version also has a customizable refraction “power” (not actual refraction indices/ratios)
  • Supports pseudo chromatic dispersion, like the Bullet Trails sample. (three lookups, one for each colour, each one slightly more refractive than the other)
  • Supports specular hightlighting, which is also normal-mapped
  • The glass can be colored too :)


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