AGT’s Third Person Demo – C# 2.0 Port


AGT3rdPersonDemo.rar [10Mb]


This demo is a port of AGT’s Third Person Demo that was posted on the TV3D Beta Discussion forum. The original version was VB6, I just took the same media and code structure and adapted it to C# 2.0 (Visual Studio.NET 2005).

Key Features

  • From AGT’s original demo :
  • Custom Animations
  • Basic Third Person camera
  • Reflective/Refractive water
  • Glow
  • Tangent-space normal-mapping on meshes, managed lighting on actor and landscape
  • Text drawing
  • Polycount fetching
  • Skysphere
  • Added and changed features
    • Simpler camera control
    • Options dialog (fullscreen/windowed, beta key, antialiasing…)
    • More visible glow effect
    • The original version used a normal-mapping shader; I removed it because it was useless, TV supports it out-the-box!
    • Stencil shadows (no self-shadows)
    • Removed unused code portions and media


    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    Screenshot 3

    7 thoughts on “AGT’s Third Person Demo – C# 2.0 Port”

    1. When I run this sample I get a error in line:

      terrain.GenerateTerrain(@”MapsIsle1isle1_Height.bmp”, CONST_TV_LANDSCAPE_PRECISION.TV_PRECISION_HIGH, 10, 10, 0, 0, 0, true);

      Error: AccessViolationException was unhandled


      The only sample from “The instruction limit” which work for me without this error is “Water.rar”

      Can you tell me how to fix this.


    2. Yep, that is because this sample was released before the 6.5 update which requires to use “Scene.CreateLandscape()” instead of “New TVLandscape()”. Read the beta development log of 6.5 for more info.

    3. Thank’s for replay. Now I manage to “compile” and see all demos from this page, but I am also interested if you can help me to find some samples in c# on collision detection. In school I work on project to make a virtual gallery and I will be glad if somebody can show me some sample like old Wolf3d. Just camera and walls and how to detect colision and denie to go thru… Sorry that I post you this kind of questions on “Leave a Comment” part of this page, and sorry for bad language… I am from Slovenia and I write english a little bad… I am also interested what program to use for making or changing TVM models?

    4. You’d be better off asking about collision in the TV3D forum. I’m not all-knowing… never worked with collision actually.
      For TVMs, I use ModelView (in the TV3D 6.5 SDK) and 3D Studio MAX’s TVM exporter plugin (also in the SDK).

    5. Great!
      It works with the little fix.
      Thanks a lot for this begginers demo, very useful for us!
      More demos are welcome! :)

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